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We will be launching a booking system on our website, but for the moment a simple e-mail will do. Make sure you mention the number of people, the destination and the date. We mainly operate through travel agencies world wide, but since you are here, you can drop us an e-mail with your requirements.

Deposits are non refundable. We intent to keep pre-payments to a deposit level, unless it’s requested otherwise, in which case you are entitled to a refund minus the deposit.

From 1-12 people. Minors are subjected to specific tours, due to potential harsh road conditions.

Of course. We want to be absolutely sure that you have the best time possible. We mean that. So we’ll plan your day trip together and come up with the best options for your needs.

Though we don’t advertise it yet, we can offer a wineries tour, a monasteries tour, Venetian forts tour and a very -very- special treat for WWII enthusiasts. Ask for more details.

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Most times yes. Sometimes it’s a picnic. It really depends on the location. If you need to have a snack on the way, you can always throw something in your backpack.

No, you can do that on your own. We are taking you to places you wouldn’t be able to visit on your own, or would have a hard time to do so. Crete is full of amazing locations. If we only we had more time!

Well, there are no bears and lions on this island and the waters are shark free so…

Concerning vehicle safety. We are not going to be driving through a war zone, or rolling down a cliff and into the dark sea. Dirt tracks and country roads will take the most part of the ride. We do want to give you a good memorable experience, but within reason and general safety standards.