Not to Miss (Seriously)

Preveli Palm Beach

All the way to the South coast of Crete, at the end of a mild ride, suitable for everyone, the spoils await! Preveli beach is just out of this world and comes with a few perks too!


The Ride

In general terms it can be a mild ride but also it can be “not” mild, upon request.


the Beach

There are two beaches next to each other, separated by a small hill.


Up-Down the Hill

So you go up the hill (and down) and you arrive at the palm forest beach.



On location, there is a taverna which serves extra good quality food.

Preveli Palm Beach at the south coast of crete, greece

A few things about this full day tour

Regardless of where we depart, it’s going to be a long ride. You really need to have a sun lotion with you, a bottle of water and maybe a snack. A hat would be a good idea, but make sure it won’t fall of your head (on an open top vehicle).

The location itself is pretty. It’s basically two beaches separated by a small hill in between. The hill comes with partially cemented, partially curved on the rock, partially not there… steps. So you don’t have to be a climber, just have a pair of legs and you should be fine.

Going over the hill comes with quite the pay off. The waterfront is the same for both beaches, but the “after” on, also comes with a river, a small palm forest and it’s more secluded. It’s really worth the small effort.

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