“A few days ago my husband and I decided to make a safari road trip with a Willy’s jeep to Tsoutsouras of Messaràs as we only had a couple of days left on the Island of Crete.

The weather was hot and a stunning rocky landscape had been accompanying us during our trip. Kri-kri goats were climbing on the steep cliffs and the low vegetation of the mountains was giving us a unique sense of isolation mixed with an insatiable desire for adventure! 

The road included lots of slopes while we were heading to the Gorge of Achentria, until we finally stopped in Maridàki, a small village on the Eastern of Asterousia Mountains, on the Southern of Heraklion City. This mountain range is located right in the middle between Messaràs’ Plain and the Cretan Sea, with an indescribable, wild, breath-taking beauty…

What most captured my attention, though, was the beach of Voidomatis, which is undoubtedly a little hidden piece of heaven in-between two huge and tall rocks!

We had a very good time during our stay there and we’re definitely about to plan another journey to Greece next year, maybe in the middle of the spring and living this jeep safari experience once more is on the top of our priorities’ list!!!”