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More Locations - More Destinations - More Paths to the Heart of Crete

Even though our Package Tours are an easy and great way to have a better feel of what Crete is really all about, there are even better ways to achive that. You can see more of the “unseen”, experience more, taste more, feel more “Cretan”, get more of everything the island has to trully offer. 

For each and every one of the following options, we shall discuss and plan with you, every detail of the day ahead.
Willys Adventures jeep safari crete greece discover price

So... here we go...

Sunset Tour

This tour will take you through great scenery, featuring many photography spots, around an area with a mild number of visitors, not too remote, not too central, ending to a beautiful location with a gorgeous view of the sunset. On the way back, the sun has already set and we will use a route that really shows the beauty of the surrounding area at night. Crete can be beautiful at all times and this tour proves it.

Willys Adventures jeep safari crete greece discover price
Willys Adventures jeep safari crete greece discover price


Crete produces a lot of wine and most of it comes from small scale family run wineries, who have managed to make an impact in the national wine world, making gradually their way to a wider international market. How? With producing really good wine. 

If you are a wine lover (or even “friend” will do), find out the Cretan lore of wine making by visiting a number of wine workshops who produce excellent wine from local varieties of grapes. Find out what is it that makes this wine special and how it is produced and of course… taste every available bottle!


This day trip will take us to a handfull of very historical and important monasteries of the island of Crete. Each one has won a special place in the history books of Crete, each one for a different reason.

From the Byzantine years, to date, these monasteries operate without even a short break, keeping the faith of the local comminities strong and playing an important role to historical events that occured in every idividual area. You better have your camera ready, because both the journy and the destinations are full of amazing spots, ideal for every photography enthusiast.

Willys Adventures jeep safari crete greece discover price
Willys Adventures jeep safari crete greece discover price culinary tour

Culinery Special

Cretan food is -to put is suimply- amazing! There is a large number of places to eat, some better than others, but there are also those who… are worth visiting the island for.

Our top picks are based not only on the quality of the food, but also the location, the traditional feel of the establishment, their service, the price range and most ipmortant, how hard would it be to find these great places on your own (by the way, the answer is: very… very much -if at all).

The best of the best:
  1. Thalory (best for an evening meal, with a sunset view) from — $ per vehicle. 
  2. Pezoulia (best for a midday meal) from — $ per vehicle. 
  3. Kiparisi (evenings only, they have no electricity) from — $ per vehicle. 

Venetian Forts

On an island with so much rich history, it would be unfair and illogical to not include a tour about the many Venetian forts that have a strong presense almost everwhere in Crete. Some better preserved than others, some reduced to ruins, but all with a story to tell.

There is rather large number of Venetian forts and obviously it’s impossible to visit them all, definitely not in one go, but we made a short selection of locations hosting a historical fort that will satisfy every history lover (or friend… with benefits).

Willys Adventures jeep safari crete greece discover price

Try Our -One of a Kind- Rental Service

This is not your average vehicle to drive from A to B. This is an option for hardcore enthousiasts who can take up on the challenge!

Kidnapping of Heinrich Kreipe Retrace Tour

What a better way to do this, than with an original Willys Jeep

The kidnapping of Heinrich Kreipe was an operation executed jointly by the British Special Operations Executive (SOE) and local resistance members of Crete, in German-occupied Greece during WWII. The operation was launched on 4 February 1944, when SOE officer Patrick Leigh Fermor landed in Crete with the intention of abducting notorious war criminal Friedrich-Wilhelm Müller. By the time of the arrival of the rest of the abduction team, led by William Stanley Moss, Müller had been succeeded by Heinrich Kreipe, who was chosen as the new target.

Kidnapping of Heinrich Kreipe Retrace Tour

We will be visiting the locations where that team had used to rest and hide from the garrisons who were after them. We will drive the same routes,  walk the same paths and listen to an experienced guide and modern history expert, as we retrace the steps of one of the most historic and iconic acts of bravery in Greece, during the German occupation.

This tour has limited availability

Kidnapping of Heinrich Kreipe Retrace Tour
The abduction team